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  1. Vera, I have alway’s enjoyed Your writing,& think of you as a very special “Story Teller”keeping our family history going on forever.Whoever made you feel You couldn’t write was very ignorant & probably just envios. Keep up the good work. The family is behind you.

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  2. Vera is one of the most amazing women I have had a pleasure to become friends with… I will always be there for you no matter what! Your heart glows and beams where ever you go, you have always brought many tears to my eyes due to laughter! I l can honestly say, you are infinite!

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  3. So excited that you’re started here and putting your work out into the world. I can testify that you *and* your work are fabulous! Your words from ages ago still sing in my heart to this day.

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    1. thanks so much for your support louis. i know i can’t sit on this poetry… it’s like burning a hole in my pants… eyyy!! i am very happy to share my poetry with you brother. take care and maybe see you soon?? that would be ideal. xoxo


  4. Thank you for sharing your gifts and your light with the world, Vera! Vera is my Grandmothers name 😉 Also, thank you for connecting and following my blog– I will be sure to follow yours. Your poetry is beautiful!


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    1. vera is a great name. i’ve only met other vera’s who are older than me. and funny enough, vera – veritas means truth. and that’s what i try to do or should i try to write truthfully and from the heart. thanks christian for your support and kind words. meegwetch.


  5. I can attest that:
    1. Vera is amazing and talented.
    2. Storm and Grace are totally amazing.
    3. I look forward to seeing your works shared.

    Kevin Lee Burton.

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