aanii, boozhoo 🙂 vera wabegijig ndizhnikaaz / mississaugi ndoonjibaa / nepean ndoodaa / odawa minwaa ojbwe ndaaw / mkwa dodem

hello 🙂 my name is vera wabegijig / i am from mississaugi / i live in nepean / i am from the bear clan

i am an interdisciplinary anishnaabe artist who creates bilingual (english and anishnaabemowin) poetry. i use media art and mixed media for my projects. my faves are micro lens photos in the winter; beads: delicas, yes please; birchbark: ooo, texture; text: poetry: love, love, love; and, porcupine quills: still learning. language skills: english and anishnaabemowin. the latter, i’m learning as a beginner and i enjoy experimenting with sounds and patterns in language.

there is much gratitude for gchi ziibii/kitchisippi/ottawa river, like many, aki minwaa nbi / the land and the water continues to inspire me as well. my family and i are long time visitors living on unceded and unsurrendered algonquin anishnaabeg akiing / ottawa, ontario. originally from mississauga first nation (robinson huron treaty) through her odawa/ojibwe mother. she also acknowledges her odawa/ojibwe father’s community, wiikwemikoong unceded territory as also being home. love to my relations!

miigwech for stopping by 🙂

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