new work

aanii kina wiya! hello everyone!

I’ve recently been commissioned to write a poem for a dear friend and sister, Dr. Kristin Dowell, who teaches at Florida State University. Kristin is a visual anthropologist whose work continues to support and collaborate with Indigenous filmmakers in Canada and United States. Kristin has been working on a book project, Digital Sutures: Family & Cultural Memory in Indigenous Women’s Films, and invited me to collaborate on a poem. And it’s been such a pleasure to write something new. This past week, Kristin shared more information about her project and a draft of my poem on Pen & Inc titled: “Collaboration and Relationality: Creating the Digital Sutures Website.” The final draft of the poem and will include an audio recording that will be posted on her newly created website, which I will share soon so stay tuned!

Stay well, take care. Happy writing! And is it NaPoWriMo?!!! Baamaa pii! See you later!

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