north star – november 3rd – kingston, on

aaniin kina wiya! hello everyone! 

Last year, three of my poems were transformed into choral music by Mark Sirett. Next week, there will be a concert in Kingston, Ontario. If you’re in the area, swing by as it will be an incredible audible experience. When I heard the choirs last year in London, Ontario during a night of choral performances it was a bit overwhelming because it felt surreal. I’m pretty excited to have another opportunity to experience it live! What’s great is that Mark is the founding artistic director for Cantabile’s and Kingston is his home base. Cool, cool, cool.

I haven’t read any poetry in front of an audience for a while so, I will be spending time next week to work on a set for the night. As it has to do with stars, I think I’ve got an idea what to read for the night. At times, I get this nervous excited energy and it’s tough to refocus. It’s like little bumps to get over. I remind myself to focus on the words, emotions, and ideas of the poem, and breath!

Stars are conjurers of our imaginations 🙂 Have you written about stars? Which ones? Or taken pictures of stars or things in the sky?

Hope all is well in your corner of the planet fellow space walkers.  Human if that’s your preference, or anishnaabe. Or carbon life-form. Stars, cosmos, galaxies. Wow.

Miigwech / Thank you