gishkadin giizis / freezing moon / november

Yesterday, I took a walk along the Ottawa River / gchi ziibiing and took these photos. It’s been below freezing the last few days and it’s been showing itself physically on the land. It has also been raining so the mud puddles are frozen and so is the ground under the fallen leaves. I guess that’s why the ancient anishnaabeg called this time of the year, ‘gishkadin giizis’ aka freezing moon. Makes sense, it’s practical.

The wind was slightly blowing the icicles below and there was this wonderful tinkling sound from the ice. Another great sound was the water lapping the shore under the ice. It’s quite beautiful. I hope you enjoy the first few weeks of pre-winter! It’s a slow progression and soon the snow will fly and the earth will rest. I’m looking forward to all the snow! Take care friends!