shkaakaamikwe gnaajwang, na?


ziisbaakdoke giizis – bezhig giizhgad
sugaring moon (march) – day one

zhaagaanoshmowin / english language

mother earth is beautiful?

i went for a walk today
i went to the store
it’s raining, it’s raining
it’s raining outside
the snow is melting
what made this mess?

sugaring moon (march)
is it spring?

let’s clean the earth

mother earth is to be respected
mother earth is beautiful

Bezhig giizhgad – day one

Maajtaadaa! Let’s begin! Ngii zhaa dawegamigong nongom. I went to the store today. Gmiwan gwajing. It was raining outside. The snow was melting and all I saw was garbage. I looked in the Eastern Ojibwa-Chippewa-Ottawa Dictionary for the words: garbage or trash. I couldn’t find a translation for it. Mii sa, so, I looked up the word for make a mess and it was wiinkamgizid. But on it’s own, it doesn’t make sense. Mii sa, so, I added wenesh wiinkamgizid > what made this mess.

Biinchige+daa > clean up + adverb for let’s

This is one of the things I love about anishnaabemowin. You can add a prefix or an adverb to activate the verb. Also I’m learning a new language as I grew up only speaking zhaagaanoshmowin – english language, it is helping me with understanding the difference between english and ojibwe. The thinking is different. My brain is tingling with new synapses connections. Chi baapi! LOL!

Here’s a video about the anishnaabemowin double vowel Fiero system that is currently used to learn the language of the anishnaabeg. This is the system that has been taught to me from my many teachers like Jean Akiwenzie from Cape Croker and Julianna Mayes from Wikwemikong. When I look at shki-kidwenan – new words and even the ones I know currently, I refer to the sound chart and go slow with the words. And since I learned english since I was little and didn’t grow up in my ancestral community so I don’t have anishnaabe accent so this is something I need to be comfortable with as well.

Miigwech for following along.

Keep writing. Keep learning.