the stars fall

It’s my birthday! And what better way than to write a poem, or in this case, revive a poem. Have a wonderful day! Spread some kindness, love, and peace in this world. We are only as human as the next human. Raise yourself up, and others around you. Peace my wordpress family.

Devils Garden Milky Way (06-12-15)

the stars fall
into my eyes and offer
their death as a peace offering
from ancestors who called out to the stars
with hands extended to the aether above long ago

the stars
never fade
only burst forward
catapulted into a future
that exists for the dreamer
in you

the stars, they fall?
the stars don’t fall,
they fly across
dreamless skies, waiting
wanting to be caught

nookomis,nookomis, can you help me?
my dream it’s lost
nookomis, have you seen
my dream falling to the earth?

the stars fly across
wanting to be caught
on the tip of your tongue
so as the star fades
it travels to the centre
of your soul

dust from the stars
mix in the oxygen
travels the capillary paths
that awaken the cells
in our bodies
encoded long ago with
secrets of who we really are

the stars float in the big sky above
at night i swim across the galaxy
to the milky way
where ancestors wait
amped up for the next big wave
carving out a path
for me to follow

the stars burst
break free from form
instant spirit calibration

the stars want you to breathe
in the aether and be part of you
so you can be closer
to the real you
the real human

the stars believe
we are stars too