star fish suspended in fading light

on a grassy cliff over the pacific

wind whispers

a salty breath caresses bronze skin

inhale………. let it travel these blood traplines

exhale………. let it travel these waterways

ocean splashes into jutting rocks below

heart thumps in chest

breath comes, the quickening

toes curl, dig, and try to take root into moist earth

arms raise over head, earth to sky

eyes close tight and the countdown begins: 3, 2, 1

spirit lifts and sways in the wind

spring body upward

those seconds in the air

are static

until water reaches up and catches me in waves

rip tide brings me down

beneath the surface i fall and sink further

a star fish suspended in the fading light

the air burns in my chest

urging me to release it

spring back to reality

kick my way up

the surface of the water breaks as i reach to a star crested night

my body floats with the ebb and flow and swirls in cool currents

the pacific embraces me whole