water journey

from the spout

almost scalding water bubbles up between my toes

the tub fills up to brown belly

nipples touch the surface

tea candles in a precarious line against the wall

flames bouncing off ceramic tiles

holding my breath, i slip down

staying under for long moments

like a balloon not ready to pop to the surface

like a small dolphin jumping out of water

i fly up and out, waves splash all over the bathroom floor

black smoke rises from abruptly extinguished candles

and stings my eyes

grab a plush towel, dry off dripping digits

a book waits, knowing

like a would be lover

on a bed wide open

waiting for fingers to grab, hold

word by word

line by line

memory by memory

i taste metaphors and drink similies until

the hot water has steamed away

tepid water soaks deep into feet

that’s wrinkled beyond belief

then and only then will i leave this place

that brings words to life and tatoos stories

on glistening skin